Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Accessories - Gentleman's Cufflinks

Before I never paid much attention to a gent's cufflinks, which is the one of the few accessories a gent can use when dressing up and show a bit of jewellery and be a "peacock" without raising an eyebrow.

From Wiki: "A cufflink (also cuff link or cuff-link) is a decorative fastener worn by men and women to fasten the two sides of the cuff on a dress shirt or blouse. The forerunner of today's shirt first appeared in the early 16th century, its ruffled wristband finished with small openings on either side that tied together with "cuff strings".  To read more follow here .

A few years ago (six to seven years) I started paying attention to cufflinks, bearing the memory of my father & grand father using cuff links to tie/fasten their shirts (mostly made of gold or silver). I personally do not like gold. Back then I thought what a job and time to use just getting the shirt fastened, why not settle with buttons, quick and simple. But I was wrong back then as a kid, as I did not know better. 
Most of the cufflinks I see today are rather boring, nothing unique, nothing standing out and setting a statement ......I mean simple in design, eye catching, unique, classic, timeless and stylish.

In my quest I started looking for exquisite and unique in design cufflinks to complement my dress shirts. Not so long ago I encountered "Exquisite Trimmings" a web based operation by Shaya Green who offers "exquisite cufflinks" and other accessories for men/gents and I was thrilled. My favourites became the offers from N. H. Sartoria. I ordered three pairs and I am waiting with anticipation to see them in real life. Okay too much talk and no pictures...... view & judge yourself. 
N. H. Sartoria samples of cufflinks from Exquisite Trimmings.
All photos sourced from Exquisite Trimmings


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