Friday, 29 March 2013

Yutaka Seigaku - Corno Blu (Spectator)

I am truly astonished and overwhelmed by some of Master Yutaka Seigaku (Cornu Blu) renditions of classic men's shoes. Blogged about him here. I have to say, a good friend of mine is in Japan at the moment but around Tokyo and I asked him to look up Master Yutaka Seigaku, and I was told (Seigaku) is about 750 Km from Tokyo. I was devastated, but I can not get a friend running half of the Japanese islands to catch up with my favourite shoemakers, well? 

But ...Master Yutaka Seigaku posted the following on a blog as a tribute to The Shoe Aristo Cat, I am much obliged Master Seigaku. Thank you.

When is Spring and Summer coming? Wow- wonderful. Enjoy and have a great Easter.
 Full brogue two toned spectator from Master Yutaka Seigaku, simply a beautiful rendition of a shoe. That slim waist! Fantastico! You will see more from Master Seigaku.
Photos sourced from The Shoe realist

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  1. Hello, do you know where or how I could purchase the shoes above in the picture? Or if you have an English contact that I could link up with? The web site it all written in Japanese. Emailed them to no avail. Thank you!