Thursday, 28 March 2013

Spring - Pocket Squares - Accessories

I am not going into the history of pocket squares contra handkerchiefs as between the two there is a vast difference. Anyway ...pocket squares are the little accessories (not costing match) to vamp/vibe/pimp your formal /casual attire on jackets (formal or casual) or Winter Overcoats so they do not look naked. Never ever leave that pocket jacket or overcoat pocket empty! Would you step naked over your door threshold! Thought so. Pocket Square add a bit of dash and splash to the jacket or overcoat
! Happy Easter!


If not sure what a pocket squares is:  look below, HRH Prince Charles at a funeral attendance, jacket pocket with a pocket square though not white as expected (formal) but colourful complementing his whole attire and the occasion. 
Well done HRH Prince Charles.
HRH Prince Charles, a pocket square not conventional white as expected for the evening wearing a dinner suit, but a dash and splash pocket square for the evening, not many men can pull that trigger.
Pocket Squares from Exquisite Trimmings and Drake's of London other photos of HRH Prince Charles from other Internet sources.

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