Saturday, 30 March 2013

Hatch grain loafers with hand stitched apron and decorated saddle strap

Today I have sampled a very interesting pair of  loafers made of hatch grain (false Russian hide) with a hand stitched apron and decorated saddle strap. The loafer is designed by owner "Bengal-Stripe" aka Mr. Rolf Holzapfel, dubiously honoured member of Style Forum. Bengal-Stripe is amongst the "heavy weights" as a contributor on SF's bespoke shoe forum.

What I understand is, Mr. Holzapfel designed the patterns for the loafer, submitted the patterns to an army of true shoe artisans who then create the shoe product on his ("Bengal-Stripe") behalf . In short, I can say he (Mr. Holzapfel) designed and made the shoe, though the making should not be understood in the literary sense. The loafer is simply stunning, no doubt a very beautiful piece of artwork. 
Wear it in good health "Bengal-Stripe".

Bengal-Stripe designed hatch grain loafer with hand stitched apron and decorated saddle strap.
The pattern design sketches by "Bengal-Stripe"
Saddle strap decoration pattern sketch
The lasting of the loafers on trees
All photos sourced from Style Forum.


  1. On the last few posts... All the g&g I can handle.. Thanks for those great pics. Those dark reds you showed are something to behold too.. But I must admit, though I do not own a wholecut as of yet, I plan on acquiring one soon. I simply do not want any old whole cut loafer.. But those g&g's have inspired me.. I'm thinking of dropping some coin a pair from the boys themselves.. Have a great holiday all.


  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment and I am glad you enjoyed the G&G creations and you have been inspired by the pictures. I will be looking forward to your shoe (pictures) when you are there.

    Thanks I am enjoying the Easter seasonal holidays hope you are doing the same.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat