Friday, 22 March 2013

Longing for Spring - Scarpe di Bianco - Spring loafers

It is still very cold here in the Nordics, as a matter of fact we had snow fall over the week and it is biting cold. It is supposed to be Spring. need to complain as matters could be worse. 
Just to warm myself in the colours of Spring and looking forward to when I do not need a heavy coat and boots for venturing out, I found these two lovely Spring/Summer loafers from Scarpe di Bianco and I want to share them with you and at the same time I wish you a pleasant weekend.
Blue loafer from Scarpe di Bianco with a monogram on the toe cap. I like this blue shade. Just lovely.
The below brown shades suede loafer reminds me of the SW1 loafer I mentioned on this blog, the colour is just perfect for the Spring/Summer period.
Photo sourced from Scarpe di Bianco.


  1. Not sure about the toe design on the blue loafs, but those brown apron toes are immaculate ..

    -brad aka anonymous for the last month

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment. I too had the same impression at first look (was not sure) of the toe design on the blue suedes, but after a bit of inspection I realised that both loafers have a squarish toe design. The aproned loafers look more immaculate (as you put it) due to the apron and the contrast stitching.

    Have a pleasant weekend.

    The Shoe AristoCat