Sunday, 3 March 2013

HRH Prince Charles at Crockett and Jones 2013

Earlier in the year His Royal Highness Prince Charles paid a royal visit to Northampton, England the heart of English shoe industry and visited the Crockett and Jones shoe company. 
What I understand from the press is that HRH Prince Charles was fitted on the Belgrave (pictured below) which is on the 337 Last, however modified to fit his taste and liking. 
If I have correctly observed HRH Prince Charles prefers the more rounded toe for his Oxford shoes, probably the reason for the modification. The Belgrave is on the 337 last which is soft squared and chiseled, perhaps it was a bit too fashion forward for HRH. 
My favourite last from C and J as a matter of fact.
 The Belgrave on the 337 last after a good treatment. Two below pictures sourced from Ethandesu blog. Nice shine done by Ethan.
HRH Prince Charles exchanging a word or two with Northampton dignitaries. Note that HRH Prince Charles is wearing a double breasted POW (Prince of Wales suit) paired with a pocket square and the obligatory tie.  The colour combination of the suit, shirt and pocket square are in perfect harmony. No wonder HRH has been several times nominated England's best dressed man.
 HRH Prince Charles chatting with the shoemakers at Crockett and Jones.
Photos sourced from Crockett and Jones, and Ethandesu blog


  1. Great shoes... Hopefully not another hiatus..

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comment. They are indeed great shoes. I will be posting my collection on the 337 last from different English shoemakers. So keep tuned.

    The Shoe AristoCat