Monday, 18 March 2013

Max Of Malmo - Colours and patterns in harmony

I have earlier used photos of Mr. Max Söderberg (of Malmö) sourced from other places. 
I have earlier mentioned Mr. Söderberg here and here. Now I have to admit that I am intrigued each time I have an encounter with Mr. Max Söderberg (a makeup artist) by the way he sets the stage for his clothing and his overall look is always very pleasing to the eye. Well ....... to my eye. 
Mr. Max Söderberg is always very well dressed and he has a touch of paying attention to the little details of his set of clothing and accessories.

Yesterday, I took my Nikon D600 for it's virgin voyage and ended up at the shop where Mr. Max Söderberg spends some hours helping and attending to customers from time to time. Unfortunately Mr. Söderberg was closing the shop and about to catch a train heading Northwards towards Stockholm, so I had little than three to four seconds to catch the below frames of Mr. Max of Malmö. I hope you (Mr. Söderberg) will approve and consent  with the below. Until next we meet again.

Below Mr. Max Söderberg of Malmö, in a double breasted mid grey with a large brown overcheck flannel suiting, checked shirting in light very light blue, a brownish rusty coloured tie, with hint of golden pattern, a paisley pocket square and horn glasses. The outfit is sober and perfect. Please take note of the little details such as colour of the suit jacket buttons complimenting the gold in the tie and in harmony with the hand held horn glasses. The basic colour of the tie harmonising with the paisley pocket square. Less talk enjoy the photo.
Below Mr. Max Söderburgh sideways, one can see that his hair has a hint of the same colour as the buttons on the jacket, horned glasses and bracelets on the hand. Very well done. So sober, the whole set is also appropriate even in the worst conservative environments. 
The last details of the attire the trouser length and the double monks paired with grey socks in a darker shade than the grey in the trousers but not darker than the brown monks.
All photos sourced from myself.

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