Sunday, 31 March 2013

A sea of Alden's - What a collection

As I was browsing cyberspace for more men's shoes and accessories, I noted that someone, somewhere on this continent had a "thing", obsession for Alden shoes. Alden is one of the few shoemaking companies that is still producing good quality shoes in the USA. 

As a humble owner of three pairs of Alden shoes, of which all are the Norwegian split toe Derby, in black cordovan, dark burgundy cordovan and brown suede (similar to the "Cavendish") in Polo suede from Crockett and Jones. As said this gent has 72 (seventy two) pairs of Alden's in all styles and looks in his collection, but what caught my attention was that he has at least eight (8) pairs of the NST (Norwegian split toe), is that an overkill, not to mention 72 pairs of shoes from the same shoemaker. Anyway.. the collection is impressive. Judge yourself.
Impressive collection of Alden's from one man
Photo sourced from Bespoke Makers


  1. love the loafers in the last post, almost bought a pair similar on saturday, ill take any color please..

    as far as all those aldens... i have a lot of shoes... i mean .. a lot.. but they are all different. for instance, i have one black cap top, one brown one. One wing tip in brown, one in tan and one in black, a few apron toes in several colors, suedes etc.. it seems this guy, as many of the same shoe.. i can justify having 2 of the same shoe, one being newer, one being nostalgic and wanting to hold onto an 'oldie but goodie' .. but its getting ridiculous in that pic.. most of those shoe are, in fact, gorgeous.. but i simply dont see the need for 5 pairs of cap toe black oxfords...


  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comments on both the previous post on the Carmina loafers and the above "Sea of Aldens" post.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat