Monday, 18 March 2013

Habemus Papam Franciscum - ditches red shoes

Almost a week ago the largest Christian society (Catholics) had a new pontiff elected. The new Pope is Pope Francis born Jorge Mario Bergoglio (1936), elected 13th March 2013. Pope Francis a native of Argentina, Buenos Aires, son of Italian descendants and the 266th and current Pope. If I am not wrong I think the first non European subject to be elected Pope in a 1000 years of the Roman Catholic Church's history.

Now this blog is not about religion but about men's classic shoes, clothing and traditions of men's wear, now some may ask what has this to do with the newly elected Pope? the title indicates, the newly elected Pope Francis was in black shoes instead of the red Papal loafers worn by his predecessor Pope Benedict XVI. Hopefully Pope Francis will also keep the traditional Papal footwear as we move into the future. 
Well, I hope he was wearing Gammarreli socks, just kidding.

Pope Francis in black normal shoes.
Pope Francis striding in his black shoes
Pope Francis arriving at the Santa Maria Maggiore Basilica in Rome
As we all know and are aware of the red Papal loafers were preferred by Pope Benedict XVI. It said that traditionally the Popes wore red coloured slippers for outdoor usage and must not be confused with the Papal indoor slippers or Episcopal sandals.
Pope Benedict XVI red outdoor loafers/shoes
 Episcopal sandals in gold
 Pope Pius VII in red Papal indoor shoes
Pictures sourced from Daily TelegraphAngel QueenThe Star ,NY Daily news and Wiki

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