Saturday, 16 March 2013

The 337 Last in various designs

Spring is supposed to be here but is it still very cold and according to the weather forecast, the Winter will still have a grip on us for another week or so. Last weekend and partially this weekend I was polishing my shoes and getting the Winter stock ready for storage and the Spring/Summer stock to be taken out. To my surprise I realised that I have a number of shoes on the 337 last (Crockett & Jones) from three different English shoemakers. The 337 Last is a soft square chisel toe from the Crockett & Jones Hand grade collection.

So I had to do a line up of these shoes, all in the 337 last which was designed by Master Dimitri Gomez for Crockett and Jones. However GJ Cleverley & WS Foster are producing shoes based on the 337 last.  

The 337 Last "usual suspect" line up. From the top, a semi brogue punched cap toe in brown buckskin suede, from GJ Cleverley. Black punched cap toe side gusset ("Jack") from GJ Cleverley. Antique chestnut punched cap toe oxford ("Westbury") from WS Foster and SonBlack stitched cap toe oxford ("Audley") from Crockett and Jones, burgundy punched cap toe side gusset ("Jack") from GJ Cleverley and lastly tan full brogue oxford ("Clifford") from Crockett & Jones. You may remember the Clifford from here.

Not included in the 337 line up below is the "Avebury" Balmoral boot from CJ and the "Thornham" full brogue from WS Foster both in antique chestnut.
 All photos sourced from myself.


  1. What do I feel when I see this? One thing.. envy

  2. Hi Wooster,

    Thanks for your to the point comment. No need to envy as it is a sample collection done over a few years.

    Enjoy the Easter.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. Hello,

    Well, maybe envy is the wrong word. I get inspired to take the next step in my collection. Maybe even two steps and get the "Clifford". I have a few holes to fill before that though. I lack monks for example.

    I will let it take time. I slso have to negotiate more closet space from my wife...

    Have a good week!

  4. Hi Wooster,

    I did understand what you meant. Well, do fill-in the gaps and then negotiate space with your wife after getting the "Clifford".

    Enjoy your coming week Sire.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat