Sunday, 3 March 2013

Dinner Suits at the 2013 Oscar ceremony

A week ago the traditional yearly Oscar nominations took place and I was surprised by the breaking of the rules of evening wear by some of the gents attending the ceremony. I observed lots of blue dinner suits and some very odd pairing of the dinner suit with very untraditional footwear. I am not sure that this "breaking of the rules" is appropriate. Well, less talk and let the pictures talk for themselves.

Mr. Daniel Radcliffe very well dressed for the evening, dinner suit paired with the mandatory cummerbund if not using a waistcoat for a single breasted dinner suit. I am however missing a pocket square on the jacket pocket. Otherwise well done young man.
 Oscar winner actor Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis in a blue single breasted dinner suit, a pocket square and looking best, however he is not wearing patent oxfords, Opera pumps nor Albert slippers, but.....loafers. Now I am 100 percent certain that loafers are not formal footwear nor are they appropriate with a dinner suiting. He was not the only gent mind you.
 Oscar winner actor Mr. Michael Douglas looking good in his dinner suiting, though the traditional rules of dinner suiting wear are broken, just as Daniel Day-Lewis above, by pairing the dinner suiting with loafers
 Oscar winner actor Mr. Dustin Hoffman, opted for a tie instead of a butterfly. Note the length of the trousers a tad long. Hmmm... any local tailor could have fixed the length in a giffy.
Mr. Jamie Fox opted for a very untraditional colour dinner suiting, paired with a black shirt. Hmmm......what is happening?
Is this associated with glamour, Oscars, Hollywood, sartorial men's evening wear? Well not sure, are you? The look is ...what can I say...very interesting.
Mr. Chris Tucker also in a blueish shade single breasted dinner jacket, mandatory bow tie. However Mr. Tucker should have known that a one button jacket, must be buttoned at all times, unless getting sited. Mr. Tucker where is the cummerbund?
Photos sources from Yahoo Movies Gallery


  1. Black tie doesn't make sense in these events anymore - what is the point of having a code if you know people won't comply with it? Either enforce it or leave it.


  2. Hi Duccio,

    I agree with you. I have investigated a bit on the matter of proper dressing and found some rather interesting views. I will sample the items and post them here, keep an eye ....

    Have a wonderful weekend.

    The Shoe AristoCat

  3. Dear Wooster,

    Thanks for your comment, indeed very sad. Now I fully comprehend your other comment on "White Attire". Just simply sad.

    Have a continuous Happy Easter.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat