Monday, 19 March 2012

How many shoes - should a Gent have/own?

Some of my colleagues do from time to time ask me, how many pairs of shoes should a Gent 30+ years have? Well, not really certain, as the question has been asked before.

Today, not many Gents go to the Opera, Theatre or Classical concerts and dressed to the occassion.
Chinos, jeans and trainers has become the common outfit for most men even at formal gatherings, be it weddings, baptism, funerals or round birthdays.  

I mourn the past, when men did take their time on their looks and made an effort to present themselves graciously and elegantly to the outside world.

Below is a shoe wardrobe that illustrates what a Gents shoe wardrobe should have
to cover all occassions, from formal to casual.

This tiny shoe wardrobe contains all the shoes, I would need for all occassions.

What is your view?

Could have it like Mr. Astaire who loved his shoes.

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