Thursday, 15 March 2012

The Japanese Shoe Masters Part Two - Koji Suzuki

Mr. Koji Suzuki is a true artisan, whom I admire. As I mentioned in the Part One of the Japanese Shoe Masters, we rarely see these creations in the West. But Japan hosts a number of well trained Masters and true artisans of the bespoke shoe making art worth to admiration &  as collectables for all Shoe AristoCats out there. I am aware that Bespoke shoes maybe out of reach for most men. 

Take a peep at this pieces of art, sourced directly from a website in Japan. 

Please look at this beautifully crafted chukka made of some exotic leather

My favourite travelling shoes (side gussets) with false laces, to some No Go, but they are the must have for any Gent travelling a lot, as this can replace a traditional full brogue laced. Easy to wear, no problem getting in & out of them at airport security checkpoints.

The wearer will still look elegant and stylish wherever he decides to venture.

Or be very casual, but still stylish and elegant in cap toe version in suede leather as shown below

I was taken back by this double monk rendition from Mr. Suzuki. Very well done and ..... I want to have.

All the shoes depicted above are sourced from:

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