Thursday, 22 March 2012

Ready To Wear shoes (Septieme Largeur) Part One

I have today decided to give the blog a different angle when talking classical men's shoes, it is not always about bespoke shoes, as there are many good ready to wear shoes offered by a number of company's.

For the topic of the day, I have chosen Septieme Largeur, a French (Ready To Wear) shoe producer. The shoes from SL are Goodyear welted, the leather is fine. Their models are classical, stylish, elegant and worth the investment.
Furthermore SL offers a customised patina for an additional 50£ (Euros) charge to the shoe price. The patina is breath taking, well executed, and Beau Brummel worth. Would Beau Brummel refuse such an offer? I doubt that. So, Gents, .....

Lets go choose a model, add a patina, then we are ready to show style and elegance.

Please welcome Septieme Largeur and hope you will enjoy their wonderful products.

Two toned Adelaide with beautiful patina
Jodpur boot with blue patina
 Green slip-on with patina
 Saddle shoes with two tone patina (1)
Saddle shoe with two tone patina (2)

 Oxford with patina
 Three tier Derby with shades of blue patina

Chelsea boot with red shades patina 
 Saddle shoe with two tone patina
 Jodpur boot with shades of brown patina brown

Below are the normal coloured shoes without the customised patina
(Balmoral with Suede)
 Brogued Balmoral boot
 Balmoral Boot

 More Balmoral boots
 Side view of the Balmoral Boot
 Balmoral Boot detail

Bootie in Suede 

Bootie in calf  
 Bootie top view
Suede loafer view
 Different views of the suede loafer below 

 Sole work of the shoes from Septieme Largeur

I would like to populate my shoe wardrobe with some of Septieme Largeur's models, for example the Balmoral boot(s), the bootie and the Balmoral Oxford. A Chelsea boot with patina will top it off. Again, great shoes at an affordable price. Well done SL.

All photos sourced from: Septieme Largeur Shoes

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