Tuesday, 27 March 2012

The Ultimate Bespoke Shoemaker Nikolaus Tuczek

The Rolls Royce, the Leornado Da Vinci of shoemaking, Nikolaus Tuczek Ltd were boot and shoe makers who traded from 1853-1970. The company was taken over by John Lobb in 1970.

Quote From Classic shoes for men : "The late, lamented firm of Tuczek of #17 Clifford Street, W1, bespoke society shoemaker, is a legend in the trade among historians and collectors. The importance of this master is only confirmed by the fact that George Cleverley, considered by some to be the finest shoemaker of the late 20th century, began his career with Nikolaus Tuczek in 1920 and remained with the firm 38 years before opening his own workshop. Tuczek’s designs are exceptionally sleek and most often feature his characteristic chiseled toe and elastic side gussets. It can be conjectured that this was Tuczek’s legacy as there is little to compare with the dramatic lasting, the intricate detailing, and the painstaking construction of the Tuczek shoe. But finally it is the overall effect of the design, the harmony of decoration and sculptural form that distinguishes this shoemaker. There is very little to be found from the last half century that possesses the stylistic boldness or charm of this present pair."

I consider Mr. Nikolaus Tuzcek, The "Leonardo Da Vinci" of Bespoke shoemaking, the Grandmaster of all masters, the sculptor above all, a Man that has inspired so many bespoke shoemakers and keeps doing so with his creations which are over a half century or more old in design and style. Mr. Tuczek's creations, are one of a kind and so was the man.

The art works I have seen from Mr.Tuzcek's hand, are quite exceptional, unique, artistic by design, harmonious, innovative and ground breaking. 

The man, the name has become a legend within bespoke shoemaking. In honour of Mr. Nikolaus Tuzcek.

The famous Tuzcek chisel toe
The insole of a Lady's shoe
 The Lady shoe itself
 Brogue slip-ons
 The insole labels from different periods in London 

 The Full Brogue oxford

 Wholecut Adelaide in blue suede

 A monk in suede

A Semi brogue

 A spectator (1)

 Full brogue side gusset with false laces in Lizard

Spectator (2)

Crocodile side gusset

Full brogue in  brown

Lizard Full brogue side gusset slip-on

 Two tier brown Derby

Photos sourced from The Centipede and Engrandepompe 


  1. This is incredible, thank you so much for these beautiful pictures.

  2. Hi Jim,

    I am glad you enjoyed the pieces,

    The Shoe AristoCat

  3. I received a pair of black dress shoes from this shoemaker and I wondered if anyone has information on them. They carry the seal from the Jermyn st. address so I would like to narrow down my search. Also, when Lobb purchased it -- did he continue with the name or did he change the brand? Thank you!

  4. Hi Survival Society,

    It is difficult to provide any information of the pair you have are in receipt of without a picture. I would suggest that you contact real experts on this matter and send a picture of the named shoe. You can try "Classic Shoes For men" which is linked on this blog. Hope the information helps.

    Have a pleasant weekend.


    The Shoe AristoCat

  5. Hi there,
    The ladies shoes pictured actually belong to me, really happy to see them making the rounds.
    I still haven't seen another ladies pair or really found out much about them, would be interested if you could enlighten me any?
    Great to see them making it into posts with Tuczeks' other incredible shoes.

    Thank you kindly

    Lizzie Skinner

  6. Hi Madame Skinner,

    Thanks for your comment. I am glad that your shoes found their way to me as they are beautiful and wear them in good health. Probably you are one of the few ladies who may own a N. Tuczek's creation. Lucky you.
    I will try my best to get as much information on your shoes and will post here. True that Master Tuczek was an incredible, talented shoemaker.

    Have a pleasant day.

    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  7. The Tuczek chisel toe was known as "the suspicious square" - a chisel with the corners rounded off. I worked for about six years in a workshop in Meard St., Soho, next to Tom Symonds, who had been at Tuczek, and was then (mid to late 70's) working only for George Cleverly ("Mr. Cleverly" to us, and indeed to Tom too.)
    Mr. Cleverly once told me (out of his hearing) that Tom Symonds was "one of the best three shoemakers in the world". He would I think, have known where the other two were.
    Cleverly's shoes were known not necessarily to be comfortable - the foot was squeezed into the greyhound shape for looks. The lasts also often had a great deal of "twist" to them. The heel was not parallel to the ball of the foot on the last, but twisted inwards. This kept the shoe in shape on the foot, but was hard on the maker.

    Tom was a great friend, and a wonderful maker and adviser.

  8. hi. i own a pair of nikolas tuczek shoes can you tell me anything about them.i know that they where purchased from 21 jermyn st
    is there an email address so i cam send pictures

  9. DCSpencer1940@Gmail.com21 April 2017 at 08:49

    I have a pair of ladies' walking shoes by N. Tukzek 17 Clifford Street made in '27 or '28 for my mother Josephine Burnett Choate and only worn twice. Is there a collector who would be interested ... if so I will send pictures inside and out. Best from Duncan Choate Spencer (DCSpencer1940@gmail.com)