Sunday, 18 March 2012

The Vatican's Papal Bespoke shoemaker

I have always wondered as where do the Popes and the Vatican clergy get their clothing or even so, their shoes. Now it so happen that the Papal bespoke shoes are made in Italy by Mr. Adriano Stefanelli of Novaro.

The Red colour for Papal shoes has been in use since the time of Honorius.

Below the Papal bespoke shoemaker Mr. Stefanelli, holding the Papal foot wear for a photo session
The Papal slip-ons with the Papal insignia
The Papal Red Bespoke slip-ons, the red colour going back to the times of Honorius.
The current Pope in his Red Bespoke slip-ons from Mr. Stefanelli
The Bespoke Papal shoes handed to the Pope in person by Mr. Stefanelli to the current Pope

The Papal Bespoke shoemakers with the Vatican representatives. The shoes were for Woytola after being appointed Pope

A moment long awaited for to present the Papal shoes to the owner.

All of the pictures are sourced from the Mr. Adriano Stefanelli's website :Mr. Adriano Stefanelli Papal Bespoke shoemaker

Mr. Stefanelli has also produced shoes for the White House, for former USA President George W. Bush Jr and current US President Mr. B.Obama.

A pair of shoes to US President Mr. B. Obama below

A pair of bespoke slip-ons for inspired by the Re Biscottini of Novara

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