Friday, 23 March 2012

Ready To Wear Shoe (Crockett & Jones) Part Three

Crockett & Jones, is a Northampton (England) shoemaker who produces typical, classical English shoes. The company has been in business since 1879 and is still family owned. 

C&J produce shoes for different labels, for example Polo, Brook Brothers and others. But a C&J, will remain a C&J and you will never go wrong with these classical, goodyear welted English products. Timeless pieces as you can see from the bespoke products made many, many years ago.

C&J has two lines, the bench made and the Handgrade, the latter being top notch with a channeled sole and a better finishing. The leather of the Handgrade takes a very good shine too, as you will see on some of the depicted photos below.

Looking at the two below bespoke shoes from Crockett & Jones, then you see English shoes at their highest. Very well designed shoes, details of the brogueing is amazing, the last very well done. I would like to have a the two pairs depicted below. 

Bespoke correspondent & Half brogue oxford
Details of the correspondent oxford (beautiful brogueing)
Details of the cap toe and the medallion 
 More details of brogueing on the vamp

Crockett & Jones handgrades below

Clifford, Handgrade, 337 Last (Full brogue)

Belgrave, Handgrade, 337 Last (Punch cap toe Oxford)

Avebury, Handgrade, 337 Last (Balmoral Boot)


Clarence, Handgrade, 337 last (Balmoral boot)

Handgrade Double monk

Tavistock, Handgrade 337 last, blind full brogue

Weymouth, Handgrade, 337 last, Wholecut

Weaved Chukka Boot, 337 Last

Spectator, Full brogue, 337 Last

Side gusset, last unknown (seems to be a non handgrade), however beautifully done.

Gents, as you can see the Crockett & Jones 337 last is a very beautiful design, chiselled, a bit square, I would say rounded chisel. It is a last that has come to stay. The 337 last was designed by a French bespoke shoemaker, Dimitriz Gomez, who is a Bespoke shoemaker operating from France. The 337 last has been around for more than a decade, and has proven to be a well received last amongst other well reputed English Bespoke shoemakers .

Photos sourced from: Mr. ETHAN "Ethandesu's blog" & The Mens Style Forum, the bespoke shoes, I can not remember, but from the Internet, Side gusset from Admiral Cod, & other models sourced from: Rakuten in Japan

All of these Crockett and Jones beauties are worth having in your shoe wardrobe. Can never go wrong with these shoes.

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