Monday, 19 March 2012

Exotic leather shoes (Croco)

Exotic leather shoes like crocodile are for some Gents the über, for some will find it a bit "vulgar".

I let the below creations speak for themselves.

A gent in Japan has this fascination about crocodile shoes, that he has several pairs in all different colours and styles.  Mind you, all bespoke and from the GJ Cleverley House.  Look at that toe signature, typical GJ Cleverley fingerprint.
No wonder they are considered the Best Bespoke Shoemakers in London. I have to agree.

Some of us dream about a pair, not half a dozen bespoke crocodile shoe pairs, and including an Orange coloured one.
Viewing the Gent's "croco" collection, makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. The colours amazing.

A strapped slip-on, Adelaide Oxford, Stitched Balmoral Oxford, Side gusset slip-on, False laced side gusset "Churchill shoe"

A slip-on with an apron

 Three tier derby
 Photo session of the strapped slip-on, three tier derby and side gusset

 Photo session of strapped slip-on, three tier derby
 Adelaide Oxford standing alone
 Stitched Balmoral Oxford no cap toe
False laced side gusset "Churchill shoe) with red linings

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