Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Viennese Shoemaker - Mr. Maftei

Mr. Maftei's tale is like a fairy tale taken from H. C. Andersen's book. He moved from Romania his home country after the changes ocurring in Eastern Europe by the late eighties (1988). He was in Hungary for a short time and then moved on to Vienna (Austria).

In Vienna whilst window peeping at the most venerable Viennese Bespoke Shoemaker's windows shop, Scheer Bespoke Boot & shoemakers. 
Mr. Maftei met Mr. Scheer himself, and the two gents had a brief conversation that drifted to shoemaking. From this shoe conversation, doors opened up........A tale...a fairy tale starts ......

Mr. Scheer took Mr. Maftei on trial onboard with his team of shoemakers. This was the start to a very happy ending story of a very talented bespoke shoemaker.  

Tribute to Mr. Maftei, with a unique and catching story, a tale of a very passionate bespoke shoemaker told in shoes.

Today Mr. Maftei runs his own bespoke shoe operation in Vienna.

Master Shoemaker Maftei and wife (children mirrored imaged)

Master Bespoke Shoemaker and his family

Exotics below, great combination

 An Ankle strap boot with an apron

 Shoe soles from Maftei I (Artistic)
 Shoe soles from Maftei II (Artistic)

The Back details of a Wholecut Oxford and the sole work

 Red Stingray Derby

 Exotic leather & suede combination

 Full brogue correspondant shoes

Mr. Maftei can be reached at: Mr. Maftei's Bespoke creations
Pictures sourced from: Blog Claymoor on Maftei

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  1. Please tell me how to purchase shoes from you.