Sunday, 18 March 2012

Shoe Patina or Antiqueing

French shoemakers are known for their extreme patina and that does not confine itself to the usual shades of browns, but goes beyond the colour palette. The Berluti house is most known for its artistic colouring of the shoes, so is Corthay. It seems patina of the shoe to this levels is mainly a southern thing compared to English antique aging of the leather. There are some Japanese bespoke shoemakers who take the patina of the shoe to new levels.

Patina & almost painting like from Berluti, especially last two photos below

Patina from Corthay on a two tie derby shoe

Japanese bespoke shoemaker creations. Art? Yes.

Patina by a Japanese bespoke shoemaker on a bootie. I like very much.

Patina on Gaziano & Girling Wigmore balmoral boot, my favourite

Photos sourced from " A Shoe Snob"


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