Tuesday, 20 March 2012

The Japanese bespoke shoemaker (Hidetaka Fukaya)

Hidetaka Fukaya of Nagoya Japan now residing in Italy, started his passion for shoemaking about a decade ago. He studied the art of shoemaking in Siena, since then he has opened his own shop in Florence.

The Master at work

The Shop

The artistic creations lined up.

 Metta Caterina salvaged Russian leather Full Brogue and Lizard Wholecut.

 Lizard Wholecut Oxford

 Metta Caterina Russian salvaged leather Full Brogue, it said that the leather is over 200+ years salvaged from a ship wreck

Art under creation

The usual suspects line up

 Easy to spot the Italian influence on Mr. Fukuya's art pieces
Pictures sourced from:Mr. Fukaya's creations

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