Thursday, 15 March 2012

WS Foster and Son Bespoke Shoemakers

WS Foster & Son Bespoke Boot and Shoe makers in London, a company with a long and interesting shoe & boot history making.

When looking at the bespoke pieces of WS Forster & Son, one can see the tracks of history as well as the fingerprints of The Honourable Mr. Terry Moore, the WS Foster house last maker.

Odd that when googling the WS Foster shoes, not so many hits, compared to other English brands.
WS Foster deserves more than that. Here I give you WS Forster creations, both bespoke and Ready To  Wear products.

The legendary Mr. Moore below
Above picture of Mr. Moore, sourced from "A Suitable Wardrobe"

WS Foster's Bespoke Buttoned Balmoral Boots

Below a bespoke Adelaide Oxford shoe

Below a bespoke punched cap Oxford, faded by the Sun. Unique.
 The channelled sole of the above shoe

Above photos sourced from WS Forster's web site 

Pictures of bespoke samples sourced from "A Suitable Wardrobe"

A "city shoe" as named by "A Suitable Wardrobe". 
The below is a bespoke shoe, sourced from a
"A Suitable Wardrobe"

The below pictures are samples of WS Forster's Ready To Wear (RTW) shoes. Reasonably priced too.
The RTW shoes are either on the Crockett & Jones, 337 Last or Edward Green, 888 Last and other EG lasts.  Forster's RTW shoes are very elegantly made, and do have the fingerprints of Mr. Moore.

Look at the pictures of the RTW collection and be the Judge.

The RTW collection is worth a starting point for gents building a good and elegant shoe collection, when bespoke is just a dream.

RTW  Punched Cap-toe Oxford CJ 337 Last. 

RTW Stitched cap-toe Oxford on CJ 337 Last

 RTW Full Brogue on CJ 337 Last

 RTW Semi Brogue on CJ 337 Last


A RTW Chelsea on the CJ 337

A RTW Two-toned Balmoral Boot on the CJ 337 Last 

A RTW formal slip-on on the EG 888 Last

All of the above pictures are sourced from "WS Foster & Son" web site.

I strongly advice, gents who are building a good shoe wardrobe, which is good looking, elegant & stylish to consider the WS Foster RTW collection as an option.  

I own a few of these creations and I am more than happy with the shoes. 

The WS Forster & Son team is very helpful and are very knowledgable about their products.

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