Saturday, 17 March 2012

The GJ Cleverley Shoes - The best shoe maker in London

"There's two things in life you should spend money on: your bed and your shoes, because if you're not in one, you're in the other." Said Mr. Glasgow Sr. below
The Legend himself below,  Mr. George Cleverley, who first set up his own shop on a street round the corner in 1958 - having already established his name during his years at nearby shoe-maker Tuczek, where he'd developed the flatter-toed Cleverley style that Nureyev, Churchill and Bogart soon made famous.

The Cleverley chiselled square toe, a trademark/dna of the Cleverley house.
Below is GJ Cleverley bespoke shoes for a Japanese client: Note the square & chiselled toe of the shoes. Outstanding. A true fingerprint/dna for the GJ Cleverley house.

The Japanese gent who owns these shoes has something like 20+ pairs of bespoke shoes from GJ Cleverley, some creations from WS Forster & Sons and other bespoke shoe makers around the world. A true collector and a very sartorial Shoe AristoCat. 

Above pictures sourced from

Below is a bespoke mid night blue side-gusset pair with false laces, leather and croc.
Photos sourced from the internet, can not recall the site.

Below pictures sourced from :

Bespoke shoe models

Below bespoke Adelaide Mountain Ram Leather, a beautiful piece of work
Photo sourced from "Leathersoul Hawaii"
Below a picture of the late Baron De Rede's shoe wardrobe sourced from the internet.
Baron Alexis De Rede had his shoes made by GJ Cleverley.

 Below GJ Cleverley's "Anthony Cleverley" line suede tassel loafers, sourced from:

Below De Rede loafer from the "Anthony Cleverley" line in pigskin, made for "A Suitable Wardrobe"
photo sourced from "A Suitable Wardrobe" 

 The GJ Cleverley house, has four lines of production:
1) Bespoke, 2) Semi Bespoke, 3) Anthony Cleverley Line and lastly 4) Ready To Wear Line.

The Ready To Wear Line is based on the Crockett & Jones 337 Last and 348.

Above is a punched cap toe based on the 348 last. A beautiful shoe.
Picture sourced from "Leathersoulhawaii"

I prefer the RTW line from the 337 Last. My own pair of side gusset in black below.
GJ Cleverley's shoes are extremely light, very slim in construction and  comfortable from the first day of wear.

For the money spent on the RTW, you get a very good product. Gents, if reading this, and building a shoe wardrobe that is good, elegant, stylish, go for them.

RTW shoes from Cleverley come with shoe trees and very reasonably priced.
They are my favourite foot wear for special days or evenings. I am still adding to the collection.

Note the spit shine. Below shoe pictures are mine.


  1. The RTW shoes of George Cleverley are made by Crockett & Jones - so save your money and go buy C&J