Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Shoes not of calf but other leather

Besides the normal calf leather, shoes can be practical made of any hide, excluding the exotics, like crocodile, alligator, snake etc.

In this blog we will look at bespoke shoes made of pig, Russian reindeer, carpincho, lizard & mountain ram leather.

Very interesting choice of leathers, I must say. But look at each of the bespoke shoemakers rendition and decide. 

Below a rendition of an oxford cap toe from GJ Cleverley made of Russian reindeer calf leather, which is more than 200 years old. 
From GJ Cleverley, an Adelaide oxford made of Russian reindeer calf leather
 GJ Cleverley a full brogue from Russian reindeer calf leather
 The sole work of the above full brogue

A full brogue from Russian leather from Fukaya
Lizard Wholecut by Fukaya

Lizard Side gusset with raised apron by GJ Cleverley

A balmoral oxford Lizard &snake lining by Carréducker

Lizard & snake derby boot by Carréducker

 Close up details of the Carréducker boot

Two tier derby Iguana example from EG/G&G

Three tier Derby by EG/GG on pigskin

 GJ Cleverley pigskin slip-on

GJ Cleverley loafers made of carpincho leather, very unique.

 GJ Cleverley Mountain Ram Adelaide captoe


 All of these shoes depict the artistic rendition of each bespoke shoemaker, from London to Florence (Italy), these pieces are very unique and special.

All are timeless pieces of art, classical men shoes that will remain stylish, elegant and will stay good looking over the years as they age.

Consider these leathers next time your are commissioning a pair of bespoke shoes.

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