Monday, 19 March 2012

Spring & Summer shoes (loafers, spectator and others)

Summer is heading towards us, it is getting warmer by the day here in the Nordic and the weather is currently dry. It is time to get those loafers and other light coloured shoes out from the wardrobe to compliment the Sun.

Spring for me is the time when the heavy dark shoes, it be dark captoes, brogues, boots (all kind of) get a rest. Time for the lighter colours to see the day. Spring & Summer is the only time of the year when loafers, spectators, tan and other light coloured shoe wear come to life. 

The lighter colours also compliment the light weaved clothing, for example linen suits.

Below I have chosen the Gaziano & Girling wholecut loafers as a starter, with a typical Summer colour. I like the simplicity of the shoe, perfectly done.
Two toned coloured shoes from GG
Nice rich warm colour for the Spring & Summer from GG
Two toned colour from GG
A black tassel wholecut in black from G&G, though not typical Summer colour
but the well designed pattern, calls for it. A shoe for casual Friday.
Nice, light colour for Spring or Summer from GG
Black &White toned from GG, well some Gents may think "Capone".
Above sourced from "A Shoe Snob"

Three colours, wholecut from Bestetti sourced from "Bestetti"
Above sourced from "A Shoe Snob"

 Saint Crispin loafer in two toned sourced from "Leathersoul Hawaii"

 GJ Cleverley two toned bespoke spectator - sourced from : "Bownspoke"

WS Forster and Son Two toned bespoke spectator , sourced from

 Bleached bespoke Full brogue WS Forster & Son, sourced from
 GJ Cleverley bespoke suede shoe sourced from
 GJ Cleverley bespoke two toned spectator  sourced from

Gents, ready for Linen & spectator's + a Panama Hat? Okay, no Panama hat, just a mustard linen suit, blue shirt and two toned shoes.

Mr. Will (A Suitable Wardrobe) looking dashing as always & very inspirational about mens appropriate clothing, shoes & styling.

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