Monday, 1 April 2013

Kunai Atsushi aka Il Quadrifoglio - Japanese bespoke shoemaker

For the day I have sampled  a few creations by Master Kunai Atsushi aka "Il Quadrifoglio" a Japanese bespoke shoemaker, a former Roberto Ugolini (here) pupil just like  Koji Suzuki (here), whom he considers his mentor. As you know by now I have a bit of an obsession when it comes to the Japanese bespoke boot and shoemakers renditions of classical men's shoes. So much attention gets paid to the artistic details of shoemaking and the passion attributed to each shoe created.
Master Kunai himself at work
Below a rendition of a blue side gusset with a peak chisel squared toe cap which is darkened to navy blue. The patina on this shoe is also remarkable.
Dark Green grain leather full brogue Oxford, squared chisel toe, simply lovely
The Usual suspects line-up from Master Atsushi, all of the shoes are in various rich and sober colours like dark green, navy purple, light tan etc. The below lined up creations, it be a Derby, Chukka, strap monk or side gusset are all refined, simply well done and elegant classic shoes.
Photos sourced from Bespoke Makers  and The Shoe realist

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