Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Anna Matuozzo - The Ultimate bespoke shirtmaker

It said among clothing horses that the legendary Madame Anna Matuozzi from Naples (Italy) is the ultimate bespoke shirtmaker in the world. It is my understanding that the garments created in her atelier are a result of labour of love, dedication from the team of seamstresses under the guidance of a very passionate individual who's skilled artistry is elevated by her commitment to follow and comply with the strictest of bespoke principles.
I need a few shirtings from the Lady and her crew.

Madame Anna Matuozzo with patterns of the clients shirtings

Madame and the crew of seamstresses (mostly family members)
The Shirting and details all hand made 

Photos sourced from Ask Andy About Clothes ,Style Forum and Blog Naver

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