Saturday, 21 July 2012

Paulus Bolten the Shoe patina Master from France

Many of you know by now that I have this fascination about, patina, glacage and cirage. One of the old school Masters of the art is Paulus Bolten of Glacage Chaussures. A few months ago when I first started blogging about the art of patina I had some of his works mentioned/listed here
Today I am entirely dedicating this blog to him and his creations, which are so fascinating and well executed. Enjoy Mr. Paulus Bolten's artistic work.

The Cherry like coloured full austerity (blind) brogue, like a ripe peach to take a bite at.
A Whole cut oxford with darkened cap toe
A stitched cap toed oxford in blue 
A plain purplish oxford with interesting medallion
A Chelsea Boot  well renditioned 
A very interesting design for an adelaide oxford (hope I am correct) the shoe and the patina was what made me take Mr. Paulus Bolten's work for the day. Very, very dandy and sartorial. I love the design of this shoe and the patina executed. 
 A two tier crocodile derby in green and little touch of red. Amazing
 Two toned patina on an oxford 
 A wing tip balmoral oxford 
 A semi or quarter brogue oxford with a medallion on the cap toe
 Another delighting stitched cap toe oxford. That colouring is killing me
 A multiple toned full brogue oxford. Lovely.
All pictures sourced from Mr. Paulus Bolten of Glacage Chaussures


  1. Sir Paulus Bolten,

    You know I am a fan. You are welcome. Catch you later on FB - Marcus Aurelius "The Emperor" as you stated on FB.

    Keep in touch

    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  2. Paul Moi je lappel Lord Paul. my friend, my mentor and obviously le Patineur de Paris

  3. Hi there (IamGeneral),

    Glad to hear that Master Paul is your friend and mentor. Yes he is a very talented man and I admire his work.

    Regards & Happy New Year

    The Shoe Aristo Cat