Sunday, 1 July 2012

Turn back Cuffs on Suit jackets

Three days ago I was at my local tailor and we where discussing options on a suit and when I mentioned turn back cuffs he was surprised as this little detail is not seen on a day to day business. Then I pointed out to him that HRH Prince Charles wore a suit with turn back cuffs on a documentary film A Jubilee Tribute To The Queen by the Prince of Wales which can be watched from You Tube.
A turn back cuff on a suit
HRH Prince Charles with turn back cuffs on a suit taken from the documentary film about the Queen mother.
The turn back cuffs on suitings are not a new phenomena, as they were common in the thirties on lounge suitings. A very little interesting detail to have on a suit and revive a classic tradition.
More turn back cuffs on suitings

Photos sourced from Gentlemans Gazette, Metro UK and Style Forum

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