Sunday, 1 July 2012

Fall Inspirations for suitings

Just for a break, I will venture in suitings for some time, as the suits are to compliment the shoes or the other way round. A true Shoe Aristo Cat will have a few pairs of suitings in the wardrobe and they will be classical, elegant and timeless items.
My inspiration comes from Apparel Arts of 1936, recommending what to wear for the fall, very educating and a few tips can be offered from this classic illustrations and photos. 

All Single breasted suits are worn with waistcoats and all trousers seem to have side adjusters or the Gents are using braces. All of the men depicted are wearing some kind of head gear, be it a bowler or Homborg hat. 

A Gent taking a stroll around town, Double breasted chalk stripped suit, a bowler and umbrella as accessories.
 Two generations, father and son in suits, father in a three piece single breasted suit, a Homborg hat and umbrella for daddy. Looks like daddy is wearing some kind of suede shoes. Note that both have pocket squares. A very Cool daddy and son.
 A single breasted two button three piece suit, with peak lapels, a Homborg hat and those classic cap toe oxfords. Lovely
 Men in town, three piece suit, a bowler hat and umbrella
 A very bold Glen plaid single breasted three button notch lapel Shetland suit. Lapels rolling to top button. To compliment the suit, a pair of  Norwegian derby.
All pictures sourced from Ask Andy About Clothes

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