Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Landry Lacour - Master Patina from Belgium

A few days ago I blogged about Mr. Landry Lacour's fascinating and mesmerising patina (here), which is taken to higher levels/grounds. And it seems that Mr. Lacour is just showing us the tip of the iceberg as what patina art is. I was "forced" to have this Chelsea boot brought to you so you can make a judgement. This boot is so spectacular, it earns and is worthy to be displayed at any respectable museum on the globe. Words can not describe this boot, I will have the picture speak for itself. Well done Master patina artist your honourable artisan Mr. Landry Lacour. Looking forward to your other hidden gems.

The bursting Sun or Forest fire or.....whatever you may have in mind on a Chelsea boot
I received the below picture later after publishing the blog directly from Master Patina Artist Mr. Lacour. Thank you so much Sire, I am grateful.
Photo sourced from Mr. Landry Lacour's photo album.


  1. he is not a master ! he made only 3 patina in his life! why you said a master ? they are 4 real master of patina : my friend Hom nguyen , Paul Bolten , Imai hiroki and Zach Frikhi .

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for your comments. I have great respect for Mr. Hom Nguyen, Mr. Imai Hiroki, Mr. Paul Bolten and I was not aware of Mr. Zach Frikhi, but checked and I like what I see. Well I do not know how many patina works one needs to produce to be entitled Master? In short I was impressed by his work.
    Probably you know better as how many creations he has made, I do not know. The works created on the Chelsea boot above and the wholecut oxford + baby boot was enough for me to say "Master". I have personally messed four pairs of shoes trying this art, so in comparison to me yes LL is "master". In the future will try to moderate myself.

    Have a pleasant weekend.
    The Shoe Aristocat.

  3. hope to buy mr landry lacours perfect shoes