Sunday, 1 July 2012

Black Tie attire by the Royals

Black tie ensemble as illustrated from the 1935 Apparels. Note the two kind of dinner suitings, a double breasted jacket or single breasted with a shawl collar jacket. 
Below picture shows the standing Gent with a red boutonniere on the jacket lapel. White linen pocket square to add to the ensemble. Perfect so sartorial. 

Black tie or white tie dress code does not offer a plethora of options. You better know the rules when going black tie or white tie.
An illustration of the black tie dress code from 1935
HRH Prince Charles and his son HRH Prince William wearing Black tie ensemble. Both of the royalties are wearing double breasted dinner suitings. Not that Prince Charles opted for a colourful pocket square instead of the more traditionally white linen pocket square.
To compliment the dinner suit, he paired the suit with pumps. So classic. However HRH did not add a boutonniere to the jacket lapel. That would have been the topping. Well done Your Royal Highness .
In an earlier blog I mentioned that pumps are the "Über" formal dress shoes for weddings, black tie events or Opera visitings. However some men will opt for the patent leather shoes, or plain oxfords coupled with silk ribbon laces. That is acceptable as depicted on the below illustration from 1935. 
Below picture of HRH Prince Pavlos, classically dressed in black tie attire, white linen pocket square, no boutonniere, he complimented the dinner attire with a pair of patent leather shoes. Well done Your Highness.
HRH Prince William wearing a dinner suit with, ehhh....not pumps, nor patent leather shoes, or even a plain black cap toe oxford, but.......
Black full brogue oxford shoes with a dinner suit. Ups, Your Royal Highness. The whole black attire spoiled. 
Pictures sourced from Vox Sartoria and the Internet

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