Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Patina & glacage of the day by Imai Hiroki (Japan)

I was on Facebook today and I found Imai Hiroki's Facebook profile with pictures of these beautiful patina and glacage shoes. These shoes are pieces of art work and are amazing and stunning, made not to be worn but placed and stored in a museum behind thick armoured glass for visitors to view and admire. 

He handles the leather he is working on like a painter will work on canvas. This is no more polishing of shoes & getting a shine, but pure art that brings the beauty of the hide/leather out. I am stunned. The French and Italian patina masters must be careful, as Imai Hiroki is the new Da Vinci, who pushes the art of patina and glacage to higher levels.  
View and decide for yourselves. Enjoy.

A Whole cut oxford painting by Laundry Lacour
Side laced wholecut with tiger motif by Master Hom
Comic strip inspired oxford, very cool by Master Hom
Oxford Balmoral boot in greyish/blue patina by Master Imai
Burgundy and grey whole cut bootie by Master Imai
Photos sourced from Imai Hiroki's Facebook profile and Forums Film Noir Buff


  1. the first picture is not from imai hiroki its fom landrylacour , it s not beautiful like imai hiroki . and the second and the thirs are from the master of patina Hom Nguyen from paris

  2. Hi Anonymous,

    Thanks for pointing that out. I have myself realised the blunder and I do have to admit that I should have double checked. True the first picture is the work of LL and second and third are works of Hom. I have mentioned the two artists here and my profound apologies for that.

    I am glad that you pointed out this mistake.

    Best regards
    Shoe Aristo Cat.

  3. Lol this blog is a shambles