Friday, 6 July 2012

Inspiration from the Churchwell brothers

The other day I blogged about Dr. Andre Churchwell an American style icon, lucky for Mr. Churchwell that he has brothers that are also style icons. For Summer inspiration I give you the two Churchwell's, Andre and Keith. Very inspiring.
Dr. Andre Churchwell in a very classical summer attire, paired with spectators.
Dr. Keith Churchwell getting dressed for a photo session.
Note the reversed pleated trousers held by braces.
Close up of the details
The brothers Churchwell, casually dressed in summer attire.
Dr. Keith Churchwell in typical casual summer attire paired with a derby spectator
Keith Churchwell in a white double breasted jacket, very cool
Keith Churchwell in a navy blue blazer and cream trousers.
Three American Style Icons, The Churchwell brothers and Mr. Alan Flusser.
The Churchwell brothers never fail to turn out immaculately. Always very sharp in their dressing.

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