Tuesday, 3 July 2012

An American Style Icon - Dr. Churchwell

Each time I see a photo of Dr. Andre Churchwell and his attire, I get inspired. This American Gent wears his clothes and accessories like no one else. Always impeccably dressed, like a Hollywood movie star from the 20's and 30's. He is a true American Dandy and does it with such elegancy, flair and lightness. I wish more men could follow his example. Very inspiring. 
Dr. Andre Churchwell in a pink seersucker double breasted suiting, a boutonniere, a slightly visible  crisp white linen square pocket. He tops the whole thing with a boating hat. Summer attire that can not be beaten.
 The suit is complimented by a white full brogue oxford. Wonder what colour are the socks he is wearing.
 Below Dr. Churchwell in crisp white trousers paired with a spectator and an odd jacket. Accessories are a pocket square and a boutonniere in deep red. Very cool.
Photos by Rose Callahan sourced from Dandy Portraits Tumblr

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