Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Ivan Crivellaro - Blues for the Monk and Loafer

A while ago I blogged about bespoke boot and shoemaker artist Master Ivan Crivellaro here. For today I have sampled two/three of his latest works where the Master simply went blue, furthermore he pushed the soles ("soul's") of the monk to higher demanding level. The sole work of some of the creations are just so great, I suppose this will be Master Crivellaro's signature on his art works. Simply adore the "Blue" theme. Wonderful Master Crivellaro.

A blue double monk, yes. The sole (soul) of the monk very picturesque, plain art.
 A closer look at the Monk in blue and his "soul"
The initials of the Monk in blue
Side view of the double monk in blue
Blue monk in full display
The blue and grey herringbone tweed loafer
 A blue and grey herringbone tassel loafer
 A view of the toe of the loafer in blue and herringbone
Photos sourced from Master Ivan Crivellaro's FB profile

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