Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Antonio Pio Mele shoes and boots

In our digital world of today some artisans and craftsmen / ladies tend to take lots of attention and credit, whilst others remain unknown despite their trade and very high skills. Milan (Italy) has a hidden treasure in the person of Mr. Antonio Pio Mele bespoke boot and shoe maker, who is born into a family of bespoke shoe artisans and factory owners, he started to make bespoke shoes from an early age of seventeen. A call for him. 

Mr. A. P. Mele produces between 150 to 180 pairs of bespoke shoes per year for both ladies and gentlemen. The production lead time is between four to six months.
Please view the below crafts and determine yourself, a true hidden gem in the heart of Milan (Italy).  Very beautiful pieces of art.

Master bespoke boot and shoemaker Mr. Antonio Pio Mele in person, red trousers, tan double breasted jacket 6 button, closure four, pocket square, burgundy socks to the burgundy tassel loafers. A million dollar look. Looking dapper.
Crocodile riding boot
Crocodile side laced whole cut, crocodile belt and crocodile wallet
Russian reindeer adelaide oxford 
Tassel loafer in Russian reindeer leather
Two toned single monk, update here (the patina is the work of Dandy Shoe Care)
Green suede pump / opera shoe with a black bow
Photos sourced from Italian paper blog and Claymoor blog


  1. Dear sir. I think it is important to specify that the patina delleTwo toned single monk is made by Dandy Shoe Care, like most of Italian footwear more prestigious ...
    Best regards.

  2. Dear Mr. Nurulaeff,

    Thanks for making me aware that the two toned single monk is the work of Dandy Shoe Care, I was not aware of the fact. I will update the site to reflect that.

    Best regards
    The Shoe Aristocat

  3. To the shoe Aristocat, I'm Antonio Pio Mele, I payed Mr Nurulaeff for make the patina on a my shoe, patina is the 3/5 percent of a shoe making process... You can walk without patina, you can't walk without the shoes... I need your email email because I want to write something to you in private.
    Best regards.

    Antonio Pio Mele

    1. Dear Sir Antonio P. Mele,

      First and foremost, thank you so much for your professional comment which I appreciate.
      I am also flattered and honoured that yourself in person took the time to explain the collaboration between Mr. Nurulaeff and yourself. Like your comment to.

      Sire, I have responded to you on Facebook, my details are there.

      Best regards
      The Shoe Aristocat.

  4. Mr Antonio needs to consult a proper trouser-maker. There is no balance in those trousers, they are pulling towards the back and hitting the shins. The crotch is an absolute wreck.