Saturday, 21 July 2012

Gabriele D' Annunzio - Italian Dandy, poet & more

Mr. Gabriele D' Annunzio (1863-1938), Italian author, military hero and a political leader.
His colorful career, his scandalous relationships, his daring in wartime, his eloquence and political leadership in two national crises, all contributed to make him one of the most striking personalities of his day. But for the day we will look into Mr. D' Annunzio's shoe (rather boot) collection, which is amazing & breath taking that his shoe wardrobe was 90% made of balmoral boots in all imagined combinations. Hope you all have a pleasant weekend.

Gabriele D' Annunzio himself
In civilian and military uniform
Black and grey balmoral boot with three piece shoe trees
 White balmoral boots
Balmoral boots collection and spats
 Boot/Shoe cases with three piece boot trees
Mr. D' Annunzio's shoe trees

Pictures sourced from Flickr and Britannica

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