Saturday, 7 July 2012

Ignatious Joseph - The bespoke shirtmaker from Dusseldorf

In the world of bespoke clothing,  I find artisans who have made a niche in their line of production with such dedication, care for the details and passion for what they do, at the same time adhering to the principles of bespoke tailoring. Earlier I blogged about Madame Anna Matuozzo the bespoke shirtmaker from Naples. Now I found another bespoke shirtmaker from Germany, who has taken his niche production, only dedicated to shirts and shirts only, that is Mr. Ignatious Joseph (from Düsseldorf).
Mr. IGN. Joseph's philosophy is:" I have designed the IGN. Joseph Collection for men and women who also express their personality through their choice of attire. My collection is inspired both by passion as well the desire to offer my customers dynamic style and extravagant quality with traditional understatement." Ignatious Joseph. "Elegance is the marriage of style with seemingly effortless precision."

Mr. IGN. Joseph a dandy himself no surprise he is dedicated to shirts with such passion.

The shirts from Mr. IGN. Joseph
 Photos sourced from Off The Cuff DC and Anton of Helsinki

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