Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Charlie Watts - Rolling Stone Drummer

I am not quites sure when the official Rolling Stone's 50th Anniversary celebrations will take place, fact is the Rolling Stones are half a century old as a band and my tribute goes to Mr. Charlie Watts (drummer) who during the course of all these years has been a very impeccably well dressed English gent. Not sure if some of the readers of this blog are aware that Mr. Charlie Watts is also a jazz musician something he holds higher than being rock star, furthermore he has been married to the same lady in all these years. Wow, as a setting a good example as a gent. 

Tribute and congratulations to the Rolling Stones with the 50 years of rolling and still going strong & especially to Mr. Charlie Watts (right) a distinguished well dressed English gentleman. Mr Watts looks more like a bored solicitor than a rock band drummer.
Mr. Charlie Watts (Left) elegantly dressed (even without a tie)
Mr. Charlie Watts reviewing the book about the 50 years of the Rolling Stones
Mr. Charlie Watts dressed for the evening in mid night blue double breasted suiting, crisp white shirt and a navy satin tie. So elegant. 
Mr. Watts in a very casual attire (below), love the coat with the astrakhan fur and those loafers. Elegant senior citizen coming or going for a weekend trip or just...
Photos sourced from Contactmusic.com and The BBC Uk

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  1. Lovely suede loafers by Cleverley's. You can tell by the subtle chisel toe ... Coat, jacket, et al. look to be Chittleborough & Morgan of Savile Row ... Two Gents that "made" Tommy Nutter and Edward Sexton ... My two cents.