Monday, 23 July 2012

Hidetaka Fukaya - The Butterfly loafer

A while ago I blogged about Japanese bespoke shoe maker (Hidetaka Fukaya) residing in Italy (Florence), article is here. I was following up on new creations from the hand of Mr. Fukaya and to my delight, I found two butterfly loafers in the making process.

I have a very special bond with butterfly loafers, as they are not so common as tassel loafers or other types of slip-on shoes. I can only recall two men shoe shops that have them available as ready to wear products and I have never seen them worn in real life. 
So in short in the pursue of the ultimate butterfly, the below design (left) is closer to what I am looking for. I like the pattern design and overall look as renditioned by Master Fukaya.
Japanese bespoke boot and shoe maker Master Hidetaka Fukaya in person.
Butterfly loafer (suede) with punched cap toe left and calf leather right.
The left butterfly loafer, has a punched cap toe and brogueing which 
makes it more attractive and balanced to my eye. Judge for yourself
Pictures sourced from Hidetaka Fukaya's FB profile.

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