Friday, 13 July 2012

The patina of the day - Children's bootie by Landry Lacour

Gents, I have to admit that for the day I have chosen a theme well known to you, that being the art of patina. But the subject on which the patina is applied on is rather not usual for the blog. So my apologies for that. The subject chosen for the patina is a children's bootie. When I saw this bootie with the patina it brought so much pleasure and admiration of the artists work, that I had to choose it for the day. Hope you will appreciate and enjoy what you are about to see on these little booties. I hope the wearer and owner of the boots gets some huge compliments and draws attention to his booties.

The art work is from the hands of Mr. Landry Lacour, who is pushing the patina art further than what I have observed until now. More shoe & boot patina will follow from Mr. L. Lacour in the days to come.

Enjoy your weekend.
A child's bootie with patina by Landry Lacour
All pictures sourced from Landry Lacour.

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