Saturday, 7 July 2012

Max and Tobias - Max the Dandy of Malmö (Sweden)

The below depicted gents are Max and Tobias, who operate a trendy gents shop in Sweden (south of Sweden, inner city of Malmö). The gent on the left (Max) is always dressed in double breasted suitings, Italian style cut and looks very sharp each time I see him, so sartorial. I am intrigued by his very elegant choice of classic, styled and timeless attire, always paired with a pair of suede shoes. I suppose the suede shoes are his trademark or sartorial DNA.  He always wears a pocket square. At times he is more dandy than just well and elegantly dressed. Well done Max. I suppose you are the best dressed gent in the whole of southern Sweden I have spotted until now. We need to have a word or two, so I can catch up on some tips. Looking forward to that.

Max and Tobias at Pitti Uomo
Photo sourced from Moon on the Moon

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