Tuesday, 10 July 2012

The Shoes of the day - Maftei

For the day I have picked up these stunning rendition of spectators from the Viennese (Austria) based bespoke shoemaker Maftei, I have earlier written about the company hereIt seems adding different colours than various browns, black, tan and burgundy is a trend beyond the French and Italian shoemakers, who are known for venturing beyond the norm when to comes to colouring shoes.
The below full brogue spectator in navy and white is so well renditioned by the Maftei house that it may well be a staple spectator for the shoe collectors. The shoe looks very stunning, appealing and tastefully executed. Hopefully even the most conservative will find the below pair interesting.
Below another rendition of the full brogue spectator in cognac brown and white. I love the warm colour of the brown, very well done from Mr. Maftei. At the end I would not mind having both pairs in my shoe wardrobe.
Pictures sourced from Maftei, later update and Claymoor


  1. Are you sure that you sourced the pictures correctley? Because at least of the pictures were on my blog (claymoor.blogspot.com) and I don't belive that the imagines are on maftei site. As a matter a fact I did was the photographer of the first picture...

  2. Hi Claymoore,

    Possible that one or both pictures are sourced from you, in that case I profoundly apologise, as it was not my intent to to source them incorrectly. I will update the site so it reflects reality.

    Best regards
    The Shoe AristoCat

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