Saturday, 25 May 2013

An Adelaide Oxford by GJ Cleverley RTW Adelaide well polished

For the day, I have sampled from my own GJ Cleverley "RTW" ready to wear collection, an Adelaide as renditioned by the GJ Cleverley house. The depicted shoe is on the Crockett & Jones 337 last, which is a last from Crockett and Jones hand graded selection. The 337 last is designed by Master Dimitri Gomez in Paris, who also runs a bespoke operation. So what? You would say, okay. Cutting a long story short, I got these about three years ago and they came in antique chestnut colour. But over the years, I have been polishing correctly, but inappropriately (regards to colour selection), the shoes ended in a much dark colour almost black burgundy & with no movement in colour, and I was not pleased. 
So had to do something. Finally got some kind of bleaching product manufactured in Sweden, recommended by Rolf Hansson's son (Malmö) and tried the stuff out. End result, got the shoe back to a colour I liked and here is the result. Apologies for the many pictures of the shoe.

 A GJ Cleverley Adelaide Oxford from the ready to wear offer, nicely polished.
Photos sourced from me


  1. Those looks great SA, love the subtle color movement. Is there any before and after pics? Love to see the way they were before and what they have transformed from. I have done te same thing to an older pair of shoes, but I'm not upset with myself about it. I chalk it up to polishing and a little hard work. I enjoy slightly changing to color sometimes . If I don't want the color changed I just use a much lighter polish. Those look great though SA, congrats on that mirror finish.

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for the comment. It is so that most of the worst colouring/ polishing happened during the Winter months and the pictures are too dark, no way to get the feeling of spoiling, otherwise would have included the pictures.

    Seems we are both on the same wagon of getting there to be classical, timeless and good looking.

    Have a great day Sire


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