Friday, 17 May 2013

Purple socks with GJ Cleverley mahogany braided tassel loafers

Summer has finally arrived in the Nordic, today it was about 30 degrees celsius here in Malmö, Southern Sweden. Malmö is hosting the Euro Vision contest, so you can imagine the traffic jams and crowded inner city. So for the day I aired my GJ Cleverley braided tassel loafers with my Bresciani purple socks, which are made of very light cotton, very comfortable and appropriate for the day and weather. 
The purple colour made me feel Papal. I do not like the idea of being sock-less, I know it is a trend, but I prefer my socks, my Papal purple socks. 
GJ Cleverly braided tassel loafer polished paired with Bresciani purple socks. 
Photos sourced from myself


  1. Love that shade of purple SA, I'm not a purple guy but I have a similar shade in a pair of socks , pantherella I believe, and they look great with summer khakis or a light grey trousers. Also, I too hate going sockless BUT I admit I like the look sometimes. I don't like going sockless because of how my foot feels, bare, in the shoe. But I found a solution. I wear 'footies' or 'booties' or no show socks. If you haven't heard of them they sit on your foot barely covering your toes and heel. You can't see them unless you are wearing a lower cut vamp shoe like you are wearing above. My first thought as well was ya but if you can see them they would look bad with a little ugly sock peeking out. Another solution... I have several pair that are boldly colored. Red, blue, yellow, orange green an they are a strong color as well. So I solve the sockless feeling, get to show off ankle and a trendy look and pop a little color above my shoe, on occasion, to compliment my outfit ... For me they are perfect.

    Thanks SA

  2. Hi Brad,

    Thanks for your comment. I have noted your advice on the "footies" will try them out. Thanks for that, never gave them a thought. During Spring I commissioned two dozens of socks from the famous Italian socks makers and all in very bright colours. Will post a picture now and then. I simply like the "dash and splash" colouring of the socks for the Spring/Summer period.

    Have a pleasant weekend.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat