Saturday, 25 May 2013

The Great Gatsby period cars

Today will venture into something which I have never tried before, write/depict  about cars, which for the day are from the Great Gatsby era. Now all is hype about the "Great Gatsby", a period which depicts the American society (New York) after the First World War and prior to the Depression of 1929. But what is it that fascinates people about the "The Great Gatsby", not sure, but I suppose the glamour, excentricity, fabulous and nonchalant life, easy living of the rich. I am peep looking at the cars of the time, real machines, well made and worth the glamour of the period. The Great Gatsby period is also known as the "Jazz Era". How surprising.....

It is a very odd period, as "The Great Gatsby" is about the prohibition period of the USA, whereby everyone is trying to evade the law and make a bit or much of living from bootlegging alcohol and other unscrupulous illegal activities, never-the-less this novel has become one of USA's contender in classic literature and a ranked among the best and greatest works of American literature. A few motion pictures were made from this American classic novel and again a revival of the period is again made into a movie, thus the hype in 2013.

The cars depicted below are from a "Classic Car Show" from Helsingborg, Sweden held at the Sofiero Park in 2010/2011. Most of the cars are "classic" vintage cars and European built. All are either Danish or Swedish owned. Anyway, we all do get the picture. If I were the arranger, would time and period and get the people to dress like wise to depict the given period. For the "Gatsby" I would have the gents, dressed in "white/of white" linen suits, boater hats, co- respondent/spectator shoes, boating blazers, sleek hair and more. But .... we look at the cars for the day. The clothing and shoes, next time. 
Enjoy! Have a pleasant weekend.
 All photos sourced from me

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