Saturday, 4 May 2013

Il Quadrofiglio - Carpincho fringed tassel loafer

For the weekend teaser I have sampled yet another creation in Carpincho or Capybara hide from Master Kunai Atsushi aka Il Quadrofiglio. The sampled loafer is green in colour and has the distinctive Capybara spots, braided tasseled loafer with fringes. Very nicely done. It is such creations that marks the bespoke shoe and differentiate it from the mass production or rather ready to wear. This pair of loafer paired ith a sober classic, elegant cut Summer suit (be English or Italian), could be linen, this pair will not fail. 

Capybara braided fringed tassel loafer by Master Kunai Atsushi aka Il Quadrofiglio
Photos sourced from The Shoe Realist

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