Friday, 31 May 2013

Shoji Kawaguchi aka Marquess a brown crocodile shoe for a lady

For the day I am taking a "little" break from the gent's shoes and pay tribute to the ladies, therefore I have sampled a lady's shoe in crocodile with ribbon laces as renditioned by Japanese bespoke shoemaker Shoji Kawaguchi aka "Marquess". The below depicted shoe has the tiny little details that makes me go: WoW!!!! What a beautiful shoe. This is a tribute to the ladies, hope you will enjoy as I did.

Brown crocodile three tier ribbon laced lady shoe with a nice rounded toe last. Elegant and feminine. 
 Viewing the back of the shoe, ...the curves, the roundness, proportions, contours and silhouette of this shoe, just so female like. Look at the two different scaling of the hide. Left side rather small scaled and the right side large scaled hide. The heel. Hmmmm fascinating, lovely.
All photos sourced from the The Marquess

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