Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Yutaka Seigaku - model Carina in purplish blue

I sampled the below shoe from Master Yutaka Seigaku aka "Il Corno Blu". What I like about the shoe is the design, a single eyelet Derby, silk ribbon laced, square chisel toe and the purplish blue colouring. It has the elements of a court shoe, but.....I could settle for this shoe as a compliment to a Dinner suit, instead of Opera pumps. Give this creation a military shine worthy HRH Queen Elizabeth Alexandra Mary The Second of England. I am dead sure not an eyebrow will be lifted, as these are just perfect for an Aristocratic gent to a Dinner suiting event. 

Model Carina a one eyelet Derby, square chisel toe, silk ribbon laced
Photo sourced from The Shoe Realist


  1. I am in love again. Really classy. And the colour - wow. What can I more say? I wish I was a man :-)

  2. Hello Lady Ekaterina,

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, if wishes were horses and all beggars would be having a free ride.

    Have a pleasant weekend.


    The Shoe Aristo Cat

  3. Where can you buy these shoes?